The Eternal Sleep (1/4)

The indefinite sleep (2017)
Installation, 4 x 2,4 m
Photographical, digital prints on MDF boards

Many of Martinsson’s works deal with questions regarding the human relationship to animals and nature and she utilizes the camera’s ability of lifelike depiction to explore realistic and surrealistic scenarios. She is previously educated in art history and commercial photography, both which leaves traces in her aesthetics and the conceptual representation. Martinsson is often inspired by baroque and still life painting, and in many of her works metaphors and symbolics are used to mediate different questions and themes.

The Eternal Sleep consists of four divisions that together form a panoramic photography. The idea is originated from the anthropocentric theory of humans as the largest affective force on the earth’s climate. In the photographic scenario before us, the animals are hibernating since the world above ground has become inhabitable.


Installation documented from an exhibition in Röda Sten Konsthall in Gothenburg (2017), in the slider at the bottom of the page.